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Więcej niż tylko archiwum…

Nowości OSG Rosja

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01.06.2017 OSG Records Management acquired LLC Iron Mountain, Russia and LLC Iron Mountain Ukraine
22.04.2015 New laws on protecting company and personal data require careful consideration
15.04.2015 Russian Government agencies approve usage of Electronic documents
14.04.2015 Russian pilots go on board with electronic portfolios
10.04.2015 The tragedy of INION's archive continues
10.04.2015 The XXVI Congress of the Association of Russian Banks provides dialogue for Russia’s financial sector
01.04.2015 A change of law that may well seal the end of the round stamp
11.03.2015 OSG participates in PRISM's Asia-Pacific records and information management conference
10.03.2015 Love for our history, confidence for the future: Happy archives!
06.03.2015 Vedomosti interviews Zalina Kanametova, General Director OSG Russia
28.02.2015 OSG partners the 14th Forum for Administrative Directors
09.02.2015 Marry in the registry office – or by e-mail!
06.02.2015 Retroconversion - innovative technology digitizing library collections
20.12.2014 Thank you, Zalina Kanametova
12.12.2014 Forward to the future - RSUH students see the magic of OSG's commercial archive
24.11.2014 MTS Bank chooses OSG in major document storage tender
17.10.2014 Information and data management the focus of PRISM European conference
27.09.2014 3 little stars make an impression at OSG!
25.09.2014 Public authorities are willing to accept electronic documents!
19.06.2014 OSG has signed new contract with Nordea Bank for the secure and eco-friendly program of waste paper disposal
05.06.2014 Protecting our environment together - effective solutions from OSG records Management
10.03.2014 How can Russian banks improve their efficiency by optimizing the depositories and records management?
05.02.2014 SOGAZ Insurance archival processing & document storage awarded to OSG
04.02.2014 RUSSLAVBANK picks OSG for complete offsite document storage & management
18.12.2013 OSG Records Management goes into business with the State archive office of Nizhny Novgorod
15.12.2013 OSG Records Management at the anniversary conference of VNIIDAD - «Records Keeping in information society: effective electronic records management» - Archive of future: with paper into clouds!
15.12.2013 Offsite meeting of the Federal Agency of Records’ Collegium hold in new archives of FAR
05.12.2013 Sberbank of Russia is extending its cooperation with OSG Records Management
03.09.2013 OSG wins Rosbank tender for West Siberia
03.09.2013 A career with OSG – Where to work magazine - September 2013
10.06.2013 OSG invests $10 million in new Nizhny Novgorod document and data centre
24.04.2013 OSG congratulates winners at Rosarkhiv awards ceremony
12.04.2013 OSG to support Rosarkhiv award ceremony 2013
08.04.2013 OSG release a new video covering solutions for commercial and government projects
13.03.2013 OSG underway with the transfer of documents for the Russian State Archive of the Economy
17.10.2012 OSG's Alexei Rykov speaks at the Council on archives of the Russian Federation
05.09.2012 OSG's Alexei Rykov is selected to be part of a new working group on archives, ordered by Prime Minister Medvedev
20.07.2012 OSG takes pivotal role in the 9th meeting of the Russian-Chinese working group on cooperation in the field of archives
08.07.2012 OSG Russia expands lorry fleet
02.07.2012 Joint meeting of the Board and the Public Council of the Federal Archival Agency
21.06.2012 Russian legal system wants to allow the use of electronic documents in proceedings (Moscow)
28.05.2012 INFODOCUM 2012 - OSG joins round table on electronic archives, Russia
16.04.2012 OSG opens archive in Mineralnye Vody (Kommersant newspaper Russia - Sergei Surzhenko)
10.04.2012 OSG helps to update archive educational programs for Russian universities
05.04.2012 OSG invests in new document scanning and storage centre in the important region of Stavropol Krai, Russia
29.03.2012 OSG Records Management attends extended meeting of the Collegium of the Federal Archive Agency, Russia.
23.12.2011 OSG’s Operations Director appointed to the Council of the Federal Archive Agency of Russia
21.12.2011 Sberbank awards major contract to OSG Records Management
20.12.2011 OSG opens new document and data storage centre in a major city of Vladivostok
15.12.2011 OSG completed major scanning and restructure of archive for the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia
10.12.2011 OSG makes presentation on effective archive management at INFODOCUM 2011
01.12.2011 OSG is invited to speak at the International Council of Archives Congress, Australia 2012
31.10.2011 COO "OSG Records Management," Alexey Rykov spoke at the XVIII International Conference, "Documentation in the Information Society" (In Russian)
17.10.2011 Seminar: Records management (POC) in subsidiaries and affiliates of PLC "Gazprom Gas distribution" (In Russian)
16.10.2011 OSG demonstrates new technology at Moscow Banking Conference
06.10.2011 OSG ​​Records Management and the Russian State University for the Humanities sign long-term cooperation agreement (In Russian)
04.10.2011 OSG ​​Operations Director participates in meeting of Scientific and Methodical Council (SMC) archival institutions of the Volga Federal District (In Russian)
20.09.2011 Group President Krzysztof Bobrowski and Operations Director Alexei Rykov strengthen links with the Archives Council of Russia (In Russian)
15.09.2011 China State archival agency delegation makes special visit to OSG in Russia (In Russian)
13.09.2011 OSG Russia launches new website and advertising
06.09.2011 OSG Records Management (Europe) heads for IPO
20.08.2011 Deputy Head of China State archival agency Li Hapin brings delegation to visit Russia and tour OSG Records Management
19.07.2011 A meeting of the Scientific and Methodical Council (SMC) of archival institutions of the Ural Federal District (Tyumen, June 15-17, 2011) (In Russian)
25.06.2011 OSG Records Management is awarded with the national certificate “The Leader of Branch 2010” and became an award winning company in the “Company of the Year 2010” nomination (in Russian)
20.06.2011 Mr. Nail Sabirov, General Director, and Mr.Alexey Rykov, OSG Operations Director, attended the meeting of the scientific and methodical council of the archive institutions (Ural Federal District) (in Russian)
27.05.2011 OSG Records Management was awarded the "Excellence in Innovation" (in Russian)
25.05.2011 The meeting of the Academic and Educational Association of the RF Universities on historical and archival science (in Russian)
25.05.2011 A.Rykov, OSG Operational Director, reported at the Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Group corporate workshop (in Russian)
20.05.2011 OSG Records Management and Russian State Archive have signed an agreement on cooperation (in Russian)
05.05.2011 Audit of the OSG Records Management (in Russian)
05.05.2011 e-Archive was certified by CCHIT (in Russian)
25.04.2011 A.V. Rykov, OSG Operations Director, attended the 8th meeting of the Russian and Chinese working group on working relationship on archiving in Suzhou, China (in Russian)
22.04.2011 OSG Records Management is the official partner of INFODOCUM-2011 (in Russian)
15.04.2011 A.V.Rykov: Where and how to store the company’s documents? (in Russian)
11.04.2011 A.V. Rykov, OSG Operations Director has become a member of the editorial board of the magazine "Modern Technologies of Records and Documents Management” (in Russian)
21.03.2011 The anniversary of OSG Records Management, Ekaterinburg (in Russian)
21.03.2011 The management of OSG Records Management attended the extended meeting of the Federal Agency of Records Board (in Russian)
09.03.2011 Meeting of the Central Expert and Examination Committee at Rosarchiv (in Russian)
09.03.2011 GAZPROM Corporate Institute: a workshop "Maintaining Archives in a Company" (in Russian)
25.02.2011 OSG Records Management has launched a new strategic project in Almaty (Investor's Voice, Febriary 2011, #43) (in Russian)
24.02.2011 OSG Records Management, a leader in data management, opened an office in Saratov (in Russian)
16.02.2011 Mr.A.N. Artizov, Head of Rosarchiv, meets the leaders of the Records Management Center, LLC (in Russian)
30.01.2011 The meeting of Intergovernmental Russian and Chinese working group (in Russian)
30.01.2011 Official invitation to the meeting of Russian and Chinese working group (in Russian)
31.12.2010 The New Year's Greetings from OSG Records Management (in Russian)
14.12.2010 INFODOCUM–2010 report (in Russian)
14.12.2010 INFODOCUM-2010 report (in Russian)
06.12.2010 OSG Records Management is a title partner of the INFODOCUM-2010 (in Russian)
06.12.2010 WORLD PAPER FREE DAY (in Russian)
03.12.2010 The International Research and Practice Conference: "Documentation in an information society: international experience in documentation management» (in Russian)
30.11.2010 Photo report from the 6th meeting of the Council on archive-keeping at the Federal Archives Agency (in Russian)
22.11.2010 Quality. Experience. Expertise. (The Chief, #10(34), October 2010) (in Russian)
14.10.2010 OSG Records Management annual International Management Meeting
02.10.2010 Inventory taking of the fixed assets in a credit institution (National Bank Journal, October 2010) (in Russian)
07.09.2010 Document management in banking operations (Banking Business) (in Russian)
25.08.2010 IT-Archive from OSG Records Management is based on the new generation storage systems for digital data (in Russian)
16.08.2010 OSG Records Management - ARB roundtable discussion: "Document management and archiving in a commercial bank" (in Russian)
27.07.2010 New OSG storage in Surgut (in Russian)
12.07.2010 OSG Records Management ’s warehouse and office complex "Kulon-Pulkovo" becomes an award-winning company in a nomination CRE Saint-Petersburg and Federal Awards 2010 (in Russian)
26.05.2010 OSG Records Management comments on the 16th DOCFLOW-2010 Conference and Exhibition in Moscow (in Russian)
07.05.2010 Summary of the All-Russian INFODOCUM-2010 Conference (in Russian)
07.05.2010 OSG Records Management - INFODOCUM-2010 General Partner (in Russian)
27.04.2010 OSG Records Management at the “Finance 2010” award-giving ceremony (in Russian)
19.04.2010 OSG Records Management is a General Partner of the INFODOCUM-2010 (in Russian)
14.04.2010 OSG and ROSARCHIV – Development of archive-keeping in Russia (in Russian)
01.04.2010 Mr. A. N. Artizov, Head of the Federal Archive Agency, and Mr.S. V. Mironenko, Chief of the Russian State Archive, made an official visit to the Warehouse and Data Management Center of the OSG Records Management (in Russian)
25.03.2010 OSG will attend the Rosarchiv Council meeting (in Russian)
23.03.2010 Investments in OSG Records Management for further development of the company and purchasing the real estate in the CIS countries (Profinance.kz) (in Russian)
22.02.2010 The Investment Fund Aurora has acquired OSG (Kommersant) (in Russian)
12.02.2010 A.V. Rykov, OSG Operations Director has become a member of the editorial board of the magazine "Modern Technologies of Records and Documents Management” (in Russian)
10.02.2010 Mr. A. N. Artizov, Head of Federal Archive Agency, has summarized the performance of the Agency in 2009 and outlined tasks for 2010 at the extended board meeting (in Russian)
26.01.2010 The Investment Fund Aurora Russia has acquired a controlling stock interest in OSG (prime-tass.ru) (in Russian)
26.01.2010 The Aurora Russia Fund has acquired a controlling stock interest in a service provider of records management (cnews.ru) (in Russian)
26.01.2010 The Aurora Russia Fund has increased its share in the OSG Records Management (www.vedomosti.ru) (in Russian)
20.12.2009 Investments in OSG Records Management for further development of the company and purchasing the real estate (in Russian)
15.12.2009 Opening the new branches (in Russian)
02.12.2009 OSG Records Management became an award winning company in the "Golden Lion" nomination – a national banking award (in Russian)
01.12.2009 A paperless bank (in Russian)
05.10.2009 All the million-plus cities are with OSG now! (in Russian)
15.06.2009 Congratulations on the OSG 11th anniversary (in Russian)
07.04.2009 OSG has invested $1 million in the future (in Russian)
19.01.2009 OSG optimizes business processes for oil and gas companies (in Russian)
11.01.2009 A new branch office of OSG in Tyumen (in Russian)
01.12.2008 Improving the cost effectiveness of management in commercial banks: data storage and protection (in Russian)
01.06.2008 Archiving in Russia: Past, Present and Future (in Russian)
04.04.2008 10th Aniversary of OSG Russia (in Russian)
04.04.2008 10th Aniversary of OSG Russia (in Russian)
01.04.2008 Concern about fellowmen at their own expense (in Russian)
01.03.2007 Banking document management outsourcing (in Russian)
02.02.2007 $5m investment ensures more expansion in to regions (in Russian)
01.07.2006 A paperless office (in Russian)
09.05.2006 New scanning room speeds up retrieval process (in Russian)
07.05.2006  Russia's largest confidential destruction centre opens (in Russian)
08.04.2006 State-of-the-art data facility opens in Khimki, Moscow (in Russian)
12.02.2006 OSG launches in Ekaterinburg - Leading bank becomes first client (in Russian)
01.06.2005 New data facility in Samara adds to pan-Russian network (in Russian)
02.02.2005 Archive outsourcing (in Russian)
01.01.2004 Where to store the documents? (in Russian)
01.08.2003 Commercial Archive (in Russian)
03.02.2003 Sealed with fourteen seals (in Russian)
01.05.2002 Putting Everything in it's Place (in Russian)
01.01.2001 New state of the art data facility launched in St Petersburg (in Russian)

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